ACES; Africa Clean Energy Summit


“With the world’s energy dynamics becoming increasingly complex, there is a need for greater global integration and collaboration to address how the world will power its future generations. The future of renewable energy looks very different today than it did a decade ago. The recent unanimous declaration by the UN General Assembly designating 2014-2024 as the United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All underscores the importance of energy to sustainable development and the need for increased use of renewable sources of energy, energy efficiency, and the sustainable use of traditional energy resources….” Mohamed El-Ashry, Chairman of Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century


The Africa Clean Energy Summit is positioned to be one of the world’s foremost annual climate solution events, dedicated to advancing renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies in Africa. ACES will bring together decision makers, policymakers, industry leaders, investors, experts and media around the world to explore and further understand the challenges and opportunities that arise from renewable energy. ACES will include a world-class summit, an international exhibition, technical conferences, Business forums and concurrent activities such as the incorporation of the Africa Climate Solution Centre (ACSC).

The benefits of adopting renewables are: Increased income generation, local content, industrial development and job creation. These will add value to the African Continent as a whole and each country that adopts these new clean technologies will experience a positive shift in its social, economic and environmental benefits. ACES also seeks to embark on an examination of potential environmental impacts of large-scale deployment of these clean and renewable energy technologies.

Africa Clean Energy Summit, a private sector collaborative initiative with the Federal Ministry of Power in Nigeria is focused towards exploring the yet untapped opportunities in climate change through renewable efficient energy systems to enhance sustainable transformational development in Africa.

More investment is needed in Africa’s real economy, particularly infrastructure, renewable energy, smart agriculture and communications. “Investment in these sectors will not only generate jobs and boost trade in Africa, but also create markets for the world”. Africa Clean Energy Summit states that “We believe that, if given the chance, Africa can provide a valuable growth platform for the global economy and pioneer clean development models that contribute to global efforts to manage climate change”.

Foreign direct investment in Africa illustrates the promising growth potential for the continent to become a reliable business partner for the world. Priority needs shall be given to job creation, integrating climate proofing agenda into development strategies, and addressing food security noting that national capacities to tackle these challenges are still very limited.

Climate change is one of the most important issues addressed by today’s responsible investment universe. Every asset class offers investors opportunities to pursue climate friendly investments, to mitigate exposure to climate risks, and to engage stakeholders to improve climate related performances, across the range of investment opportunities. Climate change is among the most important issues addressed by today’s responsible investment universe. New ideas, products, and methods have entered the market to address the long-term implications of climate change.

Consequently, it is against this background that ACES is therefore ready through this Summit to establish investment friendly climate to welcome foreign businesses in Renewable/Energy efficient and climate friendly technologies for adaptation to climatic changes & mitigation in Africa.

“Our energy demand will grow by more than a third, by 2035. If we don’t do anything, if we tackle nothing, if we don’t make an effort, then we can rest assured that disaster will befall us.” Francois Hollande, President of France