The Africa Clean Energy Summit is positioned to be one of the world’s foremost annual climate solution events in Africa, dedicated to advancing green cities, 100% renewable energy, energy efficiency, massive job creation, and clean technologies in Africa. ACES will bring together decision makers, policy makers, industry leaders, investors, experts and media around the world to explore and further understand the challenges and opportunities that arise from green solutions.

ACES will include a world-class summit, International Exhibitions, Technical Conferences, Africa Climate Solution Business Sessions, Africa Clean Energy Trade & Investment Forums and concurrent activities such as the incorporation of the:

• Africa Climate Solution Centre (ACSC)
• Africa Energy Efficiency Campaign
• Africa Solarization Initiative
• Village Solar Initiative – One Community at a Time
• Institute of Clean Technology
• Integrated Solar Farms
• 100% Renewable Energy Hub
• Clean Energy Marketplace
• Energy Access Information Warehouse
• Clean Energy Ranch & Parks
• Green City
• Clean Energy transportation
• Carbon Credit Centre
• Africa Carbon Exchange(AfCX)
• Clean Energy Capacity Building Hub
• Eliminate Darkness Initiative
• Africa Green Jobs Project
• Africa’s Inter-Governmental Roundtable On Clean Energy And Zero Carbon Development
• Africa Eminent Personalities Roundtable on Sustainable Energy for All
• Africa Clean and Sustainable Energy Royal Roundtable
• Africa Women Roundtable On Clean Energy & Energy Poverty Elimination
• Africa Children & Youth Roundtable on Clean Energy And Green Lifestyle
• Africa Entertainers’ Roundtable On Energy Access And Low Energy Consumption
• Africa Sportsmen & Women Roundtable on Green Lifestyle